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Pauk & I have been collaborating over the last month on a new track called 'Kidney' as part of the Monome Community Remix Project. Ours is the last track of this very experimental compilation of ambient/glitchy/experimental/ & beat-driven musics.

In this project each artist submitted two short samples each, the challenge being to create an original piece of music using only source materials from the samples submitted by other artists.

Collaborating with Pauk has been fantastic, even though we only communicated via email & dropbox, I can tell he is a talented and enthusiastic producer, it was a pleasure working with him.


Ableton Live Megaset Complete!

Whats in the picture only shows about a fifth of the whole set which contains 10 songs all midi mapped to my launchpad in one set (thanks to Autonome), around 1000 samples spread across 165 channels! Yip, 165 different tracks and it all runs smoothly with no blips or drop outs (thanks to no 3rd party vsts, no midi tracks - every clip is an audio file, and only using 2 plugins for effects for the whole set on two return channels).

The whole set runs at around 20% cpu meaning theres plenty of processing power left to run visuals in Processing simultaneously.

I was using Kapture to store the states of sends for different songs but because it had to read 165 track names through live’s slow a.p.i. it took around 20 minutes to load. No thanks. I’ll settle with slightly vaguer send levels so I can keep set loading times under 40 seconds.