So when it comes to buttons and controllers, things can get expensive. My Novation Launchpad cost around €100. A monome can be five times that. 

While I’d love to have another launchpad or monome to add to my live gear I couldn’t justify spending so much money on something I already own. So instead I’ve bought this:


It might not be sexy or give lighted feedback but this £6 usb numeric keypad makes the perfect midi controller. I was thinking I’d have to make a simple max patch that converted qwerty commands in to midi messages but of course in ableton midi clips can be triggered by qwerty presses. 

So this cheap little keypad is now my glitch box. Dummy clips in ableton are keymapped to automate effects on the master bus including beat repeats, and grain delays. It works perfectly. Even the buttons feel sexy.

Add this to the $15 usb joystick aswell and I can happily bash away at them without fear of needing expensive replacements.

happy mofo