My most recent installation in DL1, it looks like there will be a more developed iteration of this work on in the Work Gallery in downtown Ann Arbor in August/September… more info to come.

My final performance at SARC

A track I made back in the day with Stereofield is the first track of this collection released by TedX UofM. Other tracks from Ann Arbor too.

I played with fthrsn at the conference too, video to come..

I first heard this song as a demo last year - it was the best song I heard that year. I spent the best few weeks of my life with Rachel over the holidays & we played this a few times at shows… I find it hard to focus on my simple drum part when I get distracted by the beauty of the song. I just want to sit in awe. 

Its easy to forget how talented and amazing someone is when you are so close to them. 


My buddy fthrsn just released a new album too.

I see this dude nearly everyday and hes a real friendly, humble guy - so much so that in the same way, its easy to forget that he also happens to create some amazing art through his electronic music. Listening to this album just puts me in a happy mood, which is a priceless gift.

I know I am lucky to be surrounded by wonderful art-makers, but I feel that  nearly anyone could look around their friends, their town and find art that will move them more than anything you find on pitchfork or whatever. There are people all around you doing amazing things. Just open eyes and go to a show


Playing at the netmusic conference in stanford was sweet. Was great to see people connecting all over the world that really care about making the medium of internet based music performance a feasible reality for the future. Stanfords basically got a holiday resort for a campus and the famous CCRMA is an old mansion (not joking).. ridiculous… 

At the moment Im working on a nuts art project with electronic lunch to make a hundred LED lanterns that communicate to each other in colour and brightness for a big parade in april

Also putting together some plans for an internet based music performance that toys on the idea of keeping the speed of sound intact over the web… more on that to come.


playing a bunch of small shows around Virginia with Rachel Austin… I’ve got two days before our first show to build some sort of drum kit.. 

Then on the 16th I’ll be pushing some buttons at NetMusic 2013 at Stanford Uni, San Francisco… I presume that a conference on internet based performance will have an online stream of sorts… I’ll link it when I find out where.

Simon Alexander-Adams and I have put together the soundtrack to a huge production by the UM’s theatre dept. on in the Powers Center, Ann Arbor. 

It’s definitely a step up from the odd music thing I used to do for DU Players back in Trinity College Dublin with a large cast of incredibly talented actors, full lighting rigs and an incredible wall of death style set… all in a place that packs in over a thousand people.

It sounds class, looks great, and chuffed to work on it…

A personal favourite snippet of the kind of twisted music we had to write 

Last night I managed to blag my way into setting up a network connection to CCRMA Stanford and Universidad Icesi in Colombia with peeps from UM’s School of Music. We’re in the middle of putting together a large scale art installation in a large pond next week and had a chance to try it out alongside instruments by the pond, in California, and in Colombia.

Also Im now running this thing called electronic lunch at UM. Gets a bunch of artists, programmers, engineers, and designers together to make random cool projects… 

Lil doc of my installation at SARC last year… I know theres some better video of it out there somewhere… gotta get my hands on it 

Change of pace here… been playing around with EastWest / Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra to make some pompous orchestral scores… a lotta fun doin this mini-project

Been using this setup in an improv ensemble at UM… drums on left hand, effects on right hand.

I’m currently living in Ann Arbor, Michigan.. moved here for a Masters in Media Arts at the University of Michigan.

The buttons came in the briefcase.

Heres just a tiny taste of some of the electronic music bumping around here:

I’ve recently just joined a new Dublin based beat collective 'ihaudio', who have a free beattape when you click on the triangle within this link.

To celebrate I’m releasing this new track ‘annParis’ with Stereofield (aka Jack Drewry).

You can find ihaudio’s facebook here, hopefully I’ll be involved with some future beattapes/gigs of theirs.

IH Audio

a live mix of our track for mcrp v.12 the tandem edition
pauk on the left, plusbuttons on the right

This is a single-take-live-extended-mix-version of ‘Kidney' performed by Pauk & plusbuttons.

Download the full MCRP album and the studio version of this song here.


Click here for a free download of MCRP v12 - Tandem Edition

Pauk & I have been collaborating over the last month on a new track called 'Kidney' as part of the Monome Community Remix Project. Ours is the last track of this very experimental compilation of ambient/glitchy/experimental/ & beat-driven musics.

In this project each artist submitted two short samples each, the challenge being to create an original piece of music using only source materials from the samples submitted by other artists.

Collaborating with Pauk has been fantastic, even though we only communicated via email & dropbox, I can tell he is a talented and enthusiastic producer, it was a pleasure working with him.


Simplicity 4 - A sketch by Caroline Kassimo-Zahnd

There might not be as much buttons as I would like in my life these days but thats only because its filled up with other very exciting projects.

Currently I am collaborating with Barcelona based finger-ninja Pauk on a track for the upcoming Monome Community Remix Project to be released in March. Our track is in its final stages and shaping up nicely.

Also recently had a collaboration with Bristolite rhodes-molester Jack Drewry with plans to perhaps make a short release in the coming months.

Currently in rehearsals with Rachel Austin with some gigs lined up and a tour of France and possibly further on the cards.

Sons Of Caliber are also on the verge of releasing their debut e.p. and there are some exciting prospects opening up for us. Plentiful gigs approaching so click the link if you’re in Dublin/Belfast.

I’m also working on developing the BeatBack for its performance in the Sonorities Festival next month.

For my final portfolio at Queens University I am making a large scale interactive sound-art installation, involving lots of motors, lights, and a lot of cabling. More details on that to come.

I will be developing a similar art installation with Lisa Keogh (with whom I am also going to be composing some music for her short film thats in the oven), involving storytelling in a new interactive and (hopefully) immersive way. 

Busy yet exciting times. Back to work.