Since moving over to a mac laptop one of the things I’ve been looking forward to trying is the ‘autonome’ app for launchpad by demian tools.


During my live set I usually stopped between songs to load up a new song in ableton live. This meant slow awkward silences between songs.

With the Autonome app, it allows you to choose which midi channel your buttons presses are being transmitted. Before I was stuck with only one channel but now there are 16. Meaning I can switch between up to 16 different songs on the fly. 

To do this I have to combine all of my live sets into one megaset. This is taking forever but it’ll all be worth it.

The autonome is by far the best app for launchpad there is out there. I tried in the past to program something similar myself and failed miserably. Heres a video of it in action (not by me; from

You can download it from here