Simplicity 4 - A sketch by Caroline Kassimo-Zahnd

There might not be as much buttons as I would like in my life these days but thats only because its filled up with other very exciting projects.

Currently I am collaborating with Barcelona based finger-ninja Pauk on a track for the upcoming Monome Community Remix Project to be released in March. Our track is in its final stages and shaping up nicely.

Also recently had a collaboration with Bristolite rhodes-molester Jack Drewry with plans to perhaps make a short release in the coming months.

Currently in rehearsals with Rachel Austin with some gigs lined up and a tour of France and possibly further on the cards.

Sons Of Caliber are also on the verge of releasing their debut e.p. and there are some exciting prospects opening up for us. Plentiful gigs approaching so click the link if you’re in Dublin/Belfast.

I’m also working on developing the BeatBack for its performance in the Sonorities Festival next month.

For my final portfolio at Queens University I am making a large scale interactive sound-art installation, involving lots of motors, lights, and a lot of cabling. More details on that to come.

I will be developing a similar art installation with Lisa Keogh (with whom I am also going to be composing some music for her short film thats in the oven), involving storytelling in a new interactive and (hopefully) immersive way. 

Busy yet exciting times. Back to work.