Short video of the installation Shuvajit Das, John Baird and I created for TedXUofM 2014 at the Power Center in Ann Arbor.

The piece centred around a toy glockenspiel which had piezo contacts mounted on the underside of each bar. When struck and Arduino would trigger a light sequence to the WS2812 LED strips with the amplitude controlling the brightness and fade time and the colour corresponding to the note struck. 

The LEDs were contained within re-purposed plastic bottles with speaker wire acting as both the connection and the hanging mechanism. 

Screencapture from a video documenting the Venetian Blinds project.

Plenty of documentation to come from the installations created over the previous few months including Send a Message, the Venetian Blinds Project, the TedXUofM installation, Message Box, Festifools and more.

Next week I will be at NIME (New Instruments for Musical Expression) in Goldsmiths University London to lead a hands-on workshop for visually impaired artists in creating DIY electronic instruments.

The written component to my Media Arts Masters thesis can be found here.

Send a Message is still online until April 30th. You can listen to Ann Arbor’s telephone here.



Heres a quick little tool to calculate distances between points on the earth in km by providing longitude / latitude. It also calculates the number of minutes it would take a sound to travel from one location to the other if there was no decay.

For example if someone were to clap in London, it would take ~117 minutes before it would be heard in Athens if it were still audible.

There are similar tools online but this will act as a handy function for those involved in the upcoming Send a Message networked installation piece this April, where all of their preferences can be set within the Max applet.

Download Link

Leave A Message (Telematic Version) - April

A multi-location sound-art installation that features 12 telephones located across the globe that will be networked together via the Internet at the speed of sound.

Electronic Lunch

Festifools, Lumenotbots, LED installations, taking underground tunnels and turning them into art and more…


I’ll be making an interactive installation where visitors can play a toy glockenspiel that triggers many domestic lamps and floor lights to flash in patterns around the foyer of the Power’s Center.

Many smaller scale projects, installations, and research nuggets are also in the mix. 

Quick look at a project made earlier this year that uses stillness to enact interaction.

Proper documentation to follow

photo by Ben Willis

Goldstream Variations by Scott Deal - PASIC 2013

November 8th I will be performing ‘Six Treatments’ by Steve Rush from the Burton Bell Tower in Ann Arbor.

Basically a chance to mangle and warp the heck out of those guys (inc. the biggest bell in North America or something?!)

On Nov 13th I’ll be performing Scott Deal’s Goldstream Variations in a telematic performance between us at Ann Arbor and folks at the PASIC conference at IUPUI.

The FoolMoon Parade at ArtPrize was a success… Lots of proper footage and media to come. 

I’ve been putting together a series of workshops for Electronic Lunch this year; if you’re interested in learning and making cool things like our Lumenotbots check out our website as info will be coming soon.

Work Gallery, State St, Ann Arbor

9pm Friday


I’ll be joining Naked Dance as they resume their monthly Salon Series at Canterbury House this Tuesday (17th). 



Leave a Message set up and ready to go for Test Kitchen.

Open from September 3rd at the Work Gallery on State St. Ann Arbor.

Details about the opening and closing events to come.